マルタ ダイビング - ダイビング器材のマルタ航空特別オファー

このオファーは2013年11月1日と2014年3月31日の間の旅行のために有効です。 - をもっと見ると:


マルタ ダイビング


マルタ ダイビング - Hana has started her IDC

Hana has made a fantastic job of preparing for her Instructor Development Course , she has studied all the material in English , her skills in the water are great....Maltablue wishes her the best of luck for her IE!!

Day 1 - Hana is now a Emergency First Response Instructor well done Hana!!

Hana is doing her IDC at Buddies a 5 star IDC centre here in Buggiba, Malta with Martin who is the course director and his team!



ダイビングショップ マルタ

ダイビングショップ マルタ


Dreams Come True をコンセプトに皆さんのダイビングの夢のお手伝いができたらと思っております。マルタでのダイビングはもちろん、宿泊や観光などよろしければお気軽にマルタブルーオーナー インストラクター冨田華子(に何でもご相談ください。


マルタ ダイビング - iphone カメラケース届き初ダイブ。

今日iphone(アイフォン)の防水ハウジングが届いた!! SeaShell アプリを使って 深さ40mまで写真が撮れる早速テスト。朝から雨が降り、日中曇り、夏にして風は強め。近場のCirkewwa(チカワ ダイビングサイト)に出かけ初めはケースにiphoneを入れないで潜る。たくさんのバラクーダに遭遇、カメラを入れておけば良かったぁなどと思いながらRosie(ローズィー)のボトム深さ36mまで潜る。船体付近はすでに22℃くらいと5㎜ウェットだと少し寒さを感じる。2ダイブ目もちろんiphoneを入れてダイビング。バラクーダを取りたいのでもう一回Rosieへ。魚の群れがずっと一緒。



体験ダイビング マルタ - Diving in Malta

New Toys !!

Today our new iphone underwater housings arrived and we just could not wait to get in the water to test them out come rain or shine, and it was overcast and rainy the last few days

With a strong east wind blowing Cirkewwa was the logical place to jump in, and once we got to the Rosie we were confronted with a school of awesome!!!

It seemed like half of Malta were diving here as the exit was a flow of two way traffic with lots of Open water courses and Discover Scuba diving taking place

体験ダイビング マルタ


日本人 プロフェッショナル マルタ

Dreams Come True をコンセプトに皆さんのダイビングの夢のお手伝いができたらと思っております。マルタでのダイビングはもちろん、宿泊や観光などよろしければお気軽にマルタブルーオーナー インストラクター冨田華子(に何でもご相談ください。


地中海 マルタ島でダイビング - um el Farroud

Saturdays dives where done at Blue Grotto , the 1st dive was on the Faroud , this time we entered it from the stern and proceeded all the way until we reached the fore decks, we then exited through a side door, and headed towards the huge crack which seems to be getting bigger and bigger. We then went under the wreck at 33m and this was our turning point and we headed back along the deck  as we left the wreck we noticed a strong current at 22m so with 120 bar of air left we descended to 30m and found no current, upon exiting our dive time was 40 min and max depth was 33.5m

Awesome Dive


日本人インストラクター マルタ


The Ċirkewwa arch - マルタ島でダイビング

Perfect waters for today's dive and on the plan for the dive is the arch at Cirkewwa.

After our giant stride we sunk down to 10m and then with the awesome and breathtaking landscape on our right shoulder we entered the 1st of many swim through s, after 15minutes we located the arch, it was amazing as we had a continuous school of fish swim on our right and left all the way to the arch whilst a amber-jack was darting in and out, after the arch we headed to the tug boat Rosie and with the reef on our left we headed back to Susie's pool, through a couple more swim through s and after a 50 minute dive we exited the water, it was good to see the authorities have fixed the railings helping divers out of the water 

体験ダイビング マルタ 



Find the P29 Cirkewwa !!

Today's dive was a challenge for Hanako, as it was a test of her underwater navigation skills, she was tasked with leading the dive to the P29 scuttled at Cirkewwa for scuba divers.

Hana did a terrific job and after 10 to 12 minutes at 12m she located the wreck, once on the wreck we penetrated it, there was no current so it was a wonderful stress free dive and after some time we decided to head back and Hanako lead the way to the 5m safety stop where we saw a octopus

What a fantastic dive with such clarity a must for any Advanced diver!

オープンウォーターダイバーコース マルタ

マルタは歴史的なものからダイビングスポットのために古くなり沈められた数多くの沈船があり、そこに住む魚たちにもそれぞれに性格があります。自分のナビゲーションでみんなのダイビングを先導することはとてもわくわく♪♪ セイフティーストップでは同化していて見つけにくいタコにも出会えてとても楽しい思い出になりました。


Tug Boat Rosie - Dive sites of Malta

Off to Cirkewwa today , slight west wind , 5 knots so nice and calm conditions for sunny Malta!

Parking was bit difficult today as we got to the dive site around 11 am it seemed like all the dive shops in Malta had decided to dive the same dive site as us!

On today's agenda is the tug boat Rosie , she is laying at 36m and apparently she was sunk for the tourists when Malta had a tourist submarine, but they ran into problems and that idea was abandoned, I did hear a rumour that it might be coming back!!

In any case its a fantastic dive and I would rate it as one of the best in Malta!

Once in the water we headed out towards the wreck and we were greeted by lots of Bream which followed us all the way to the wreck, at the wreck we headed down and swam through the prop, saw 2 big hermit crabs and then did a swim through from the port to windward side of the wreck and then headed to the front of the wreck this is a fantastic view looking at the wreck from the bows, from there we headed to the wheel house, from there we entered in the belly of the Rosie and after that we headed back to the exit point passing the anchor, we did two swim through's in the rocks and then did our safety stop and exited at Susie's pool

What a awesome dive, can't wait to dive it again!

地中海 マルタ島でダイビング








Um el Faroud - Malta Diving

On today's agenda...the Um el Faroud a 110 meter long 10 000 ton tanker which was scuttled near  Wied iz-Zurrieq near Qrendi.

She was built in 1969 at Smith Dock Co. Ltd, Middlesbrough, England and was owned by the General National Maritime Transport Company, Tripoli (GNMTC). She had been operating between Italy and Libya carrying refined fuel up to 1 February 1995. On 3 February 1995 she was docked at No.3 Dock of Malta dry docks. During the night of 3 February an explosion occurred in No.3 centre tank and nine shipyard workers lost their lives.

The vessel suffered structural deformation and, following inspection and survey, was considered a total write-off. She occupied the dock in the harbour of Valletta for three years until it was decided that the best option to utilize her remaining value was to tow her to sea and scuttle her as an artificial reef in 1998.

Once kitted up we did a giant stride into the calm water and swam across the valley and descended to 10m where we headed in the direction of the wreck, after a few minutes we saw the helmet sank by a local dive group, great for natural navigation to the wreck and then out of the hazy blue appeared the wreck, its always breath taking to see such a huge ship under the water.

Whilst exploring the wreck we saw a free swimming moray, a hidden moray, 2 Amberjacks, 2 Barracudas lots of parrot fish...120 Bar time to head back, at 15m there was a pretty strong current so we made our way down to 26m and volla a gentle current pushing us back to shore, after a 3 minute safety stop at 5m we exited and everyone was thrilled and chatted excitedly about the dive!


Sea Horses and the HMS Maori - Malta

Up bright and early , the HMS Moari is the dive of the day, the wind is blowing a NW around the Maltese islands and finding calm seas to dive in is proving challenging!

On the dive team today is David and Hanako and John, car loaded so lets go.....

The HMS Moari  served with the Mediterranean Fleet, was involved in the pursuit and destruction of the enemy Bismarck in May 1941, she also served with the 14th Destroyer Flotilla during the Battle of Cape Bon in December 1941. Maori, sadly she was attacked by enemy German aircraft and sank at her moorings in the Malta Grand Harbour on 12 February 1942 with the loss of one of her crew. She was raised and scuttled off Malta on 15 July 1945.

Once kitting we made our way into the water, so nice to enter the water with the railings, 3 minutes into our dive with a slight swell we spotted our 1st seahorse...AWESOME! then out of the blue the destroyer old shape started to show, so much sea life on this wreck and fantastic swim through as the light dances in the wrecks many holes, once we left the wreck we started to search for ........and yes another sea horse! after that and 2 moray eels and slowly made our way back to the exit point

What a 45 minute dive .....diving in Malta has so much to offer


Weather conditions for Malta hot and hot! temperature hitting between 34 to 37 deg C, wind around 6 knots its just perfect for diving!

Heading up to the North of Malta today's dive site is Cirkewwa with the aim to dive the tug boat Rosie and the P29, today divers are Hanako, Marc, father and son from Sweden and a diver from diver from the UK.

On the 1st dive Marc took the divers to the Madonna statue at 18m and then went through a swim through and to the arch, Hanako and myself went to the tug boat and dropped down to 36m , from the wreck went then went and explored the anchor and saw squid eggs on the way back we stopped and gave respects to the Madonna and chilled out during our 5m safety stop

After a baguette and mushroom soup , we all dived together and headed off to the P29, our dive profile was head out to the wreck on a heading of 270 degree at 10m upon seeing the wreck we dropped onto the stern and headed to the bow and then headed back to the stern at this point I saw a Torpedo Ray, we left the wreck and slowly headed back to the exit point, coming up gently from 25m to 20, then to 15 ....10 and finally 5m where we did our safety stop

2 very awesome dives and highly recommended


Malta Diving Holidays - Billinghurst Cave and Reqqa point

wow what a weekend, calm seas a gentle north west wind lightly brushing the small island of Gozo meant today's dives where Billinghurst Cave and Reqqa point . Upon arriving at the dive site, we quickly did a dive briefing and decided that Billinghurst cave would be the 1st dive of the day, kitting up here is fairly easy and after a short walk we entered the clear blue waters via shinny new steps with the Maltese tourism board must've recently installed!

As we descended one can quickly sea why diving in Gozo is simply awesome the visibility must've been a good 30 to 40m . Entering the cave the clear blue fades away and is replaced by a mystical darkness, and then as I switched on my torch I could see prawns running on the cave floor, conga eels, cardinal fish and hermit crabs, on the way back its best to turn off your torches light and enjoy the light entering the cave as it creates awesome shapes out of the rocks , the second dive was a relaxed slow dive with lots of fish life parrot fish, damsel fish and again awesome underwater landscape






This blog is all about マルタ ダイビング it is currently being made and not yet finished

ようこそ マルタブルーへ☆ マルタブルーは地中海に位置するマルタでのダイビングのお手伝いをいたします。是非マルタでのダイビングの夢をかなえましょう。 マルタのブルー透明度は30m~40mととても良く、マルタ特有の濃い青がたくさんの沈潜や洞窟へと誘います。