Tug Boat Rosie - Dive sites of Malta

Off to Cirkewwa today , slight west wind , 5 knots so nice and calm conditions for sunny Malta!

Parking was bit difficult today as we got to the dive site around 11 am it seemed like all the dive shops in Malta had decided to dive the same dive site as us!

On today's agenda is the tug boat Rosie , she is laying at 36m and apparently she was sunk for the tourists when Malta had a tourist submarine, but they ran into problems and that idea was abandoned, I did hear a rumour that it might be coming back!!

In any case its a fantastic dive and I would rate it as one of the best in Malta!

Once in the water we headed out towards the wreck and we were greeted by lots of Bream which followed us all the way to the wreck, at the wreck we headed down and swam through the prop, saw 2 big hermit crabs and then did a swim through from the port to windward side of the wreck and then headed to the front of the wreck this is a fantastic view looking at the wreck from the bows, from there we headed to the wheel house, from there we entered in the belly of the Rosie and after that we headed back to the exit point passing the anchor, we did two swim through's in the rocks and then did our safety stop and exited at Susie's pool

What a awesome dive, can't wait to dive it again!

地中海 マルタ島でダイビング







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