Sea Horses and the HMS Maori - Malta

Up bright and early , the HMS Moari is the dive of the day, the wind is blowing a NW around the Maltese islands and finding calm seas to dive in is proving challenging!

On the dive team today is David and Hanako and John, car loaded so lets go.....

The HMS Moari  served with the Mediterranean Fleet, was involved in the pursuit and destruction of the enemy Bismarck in May 1941, she also served with the 14th Destroyer Flotilla during the Battle of Cape Bon in December 1941. Maori, sadly she was attacked by enemy German aircraft and sank at her moorings in the Malta Grand Harbour on 12 February 1942 with the loss of one of her crew. She was raised and scuttled off Malta on 15 July 1945.

Once kitting we made our way into the water, so nice to enter the water with the railings, 3 minutes into our dive with a slight swell we spotted our 1st seahorse...AWESOME! then out of the blue the destroyer old shape started to show, so much sea life on this wreck and fantastic swim through as the light dances in the wrecks many holes, once we left the wreck we started to search for ........and yes another sea horse! after that and 2 moray eels and slowly made our way back to the exit point

What a 45 minute dive .....diving in Malta has so much to offer

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