Weather conditions for Malta hot and hot! temperature hitting between 34 to 37 deg C, wind around 6 knots its just perfect for diving!

Heading up to the North of Malta today's dive site is Cirkewwa with the aim to dive the tug boat Rosie and the P29, today divers are Hanako, Marc, father and son from Sweden and a diver from diver from the UK.

On the 1st dive Marc took the divers to the Madonna statue at 18m and then went through a swim through and to the arch, Hanako and myself went to the tug boat and dropped down to 36m , from the wreck went then went and explored the anchor and saw squid eggs on the way back we stopped and gave respects to the Madonna and chilled out during our 5m safety stop

After a baguette and mushroom soup , we all dived together and headed off to the P29, our dive profile was head out to the wreck on a heading of 270 degree at 10m upon seeing the wreck we dropped onto the stern and headed to the bow and then headed back to the stern at this point I saw a Torpedo Ray, we left the wreck and slowly headed back to the exit point, coming up gently from 25m to 20, then to 15 ....10 and finally 5m where we did our safety stop

2 very awesome dives and highly recommended

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