The Ċirkewwa arch - マルタ島でダイビング

Perfect waters for today's dive and on the plan for the dive is the arch at Cirkewwa.

After our giant stride we sunk down to 10m and then with the awesome and breathtaking landscape on our right shoulder we entered the 1st of many swim through s, after 15minutes we located the arch, it was amazing as we had a continuous school of fish swim on our right and left all the way to the arch whilst a amber-jack was darting in and out, after the arch we headed to the tug boat Rosie and with the reef on our left we headed back to Susie's pool, through a couple more swim through s and after a 50 minute dive we exited the water, it was good to see the authorities have fixed the railings helping divers out of the water 

体験ダイビング マルタ 



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