Malta Diving Holidays - Billinghurst Cave and Reqqa point

wow what a weekend, calm seas a gentle north west wind lightly brushing the small island of Gozo meant today's dives where Billinghurst Cave and Reqqa point . Upon arriving at the dive site, we quickly did a dive briefing and decided that Billinghurst cave would be the 1st dive of the day, kitting up here is fairly easy and after a short walk we entered the clear blue waters via shinny new steps with the Maltese tourism board must've recently installed!

As we descended one can quickly sea why diving in Gozo is simply awesome the visibility must've been a good 30 to 40m . Entering the cave the clear blue fades away and is replaced by a mystical darkness, and then as I switched on my torch I could see prawns running on the cave floor, conga eels, cardinal fish and hermit crabs, on the way back its best to turn off your torches light and enjoy the light entering the cave as it creates awesome shapes out of the rocks , the second dive was a relaxed slow dive with lots of fish life parrot fish, damsel fish and again awesome underwater landscape



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