Find the P29 Cirkewwa !!

Today's dive was a challenge for Hanako, as it was a test of her underwater navigation skills, she was tasked with leading the dive to the P29 scuttled at Cirkewwa for scuba divers.

Hana did a terrific job and after 10 to 12 minutes at 12m she located the wreck, once on the wreck we penetrated it, there was no current so it was a wonderful stress free dive and after some time we decided to head back and Hanako lead the way to the 5m safety stop where we saw a octopus

What a fantastic dive with such clarity a must for any Advanced diver!

オープンウォーターダイバーコース マルタ

マルタは歴史的なものからダイビングスポットのために古くなり沈められた数多くの沈船があり、そこに住む魚たちにもそれぞれに性格があります。自分のナビゲーションでみんなのダイビングを先導することはとてもわくわく♪♪ セイフティーストップでは同化していて見つけにくいタコにも出会えてとても楽しい思い出になりました。

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